Carbon bioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) concentration monitoring device for air flow complete with touch screen control.

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Innovative wireless system to control the temperature within the cryogenic tanks.

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SELETEC, together with a team of companies of excellence in their field, has developed a compact and innovative cryo-automatic machine for the e,brittling of blood bags.

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2 medical gas plants supervision system. The plants are located 15Km away one from the other.
Pressure and alarm data are sent by ModBUS both on webserver, to allow checking the system online, and on a touch screen panel located in a control room.

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Compact  and complete panel design, traditional logic or with PLC, small and medium size.
Touch-screen or alphanumeric user interface,
Modbus protocol remote data report,
alarm notification by sms.

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Under-oxygenation: sperm banks with the use of NITROGEN
Industrial manufacturing: toxic or explosive gases
Laboratories: control of the atmosphere.
with pneumatic shut off valves if requested..

several applications in the medical, scientific and technical fields
Control and supervision of medical gas plants for the hospital on "CAVOUR" aircraft carrier.
Medium voltage lines monitoring and control system rebuilt for an important Italian banking group.

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