Valve position check

4 inputs device for Namur or switch sensors, provided with switching power supply (24Vdc 0,3A).

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No. 10 inputs for passive NAMUR (2 wires) or SWITCH sensors
Gas indications can be customized by using the provided label set
PC or programming devices not needed to set the device options
Many different working options available: cumulative output (OR or AND); test button; buzzer enabling selection (OR, AND or never)

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No. 10 alarms repetaer from e-NAMUR10 (master) on RS485 2 / 3 wire
No. 4 doube color indications (red/green) with NAMUR sensors inputs
Double color led green/red and gas indications customizable by using the provided label set; near metal; remote metal; disconnected/inverted sensor detection
Sensor outputs and cumulative AND output
No. 4 bi-color signallings (red/green) with entry for NAMUR sensors
Open contact signallings (green), closed contact (red).
Compatible to C5312 for the acquisition of the signallings report.
Forthcoming release of the new D5302.8 where you can exclude the last 2 channels (3 and/or 4) if they are not in use switching off their leds.