Pumps and Compressors

Carbon bioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) concentration monitoring device for air flow complete with touch screen control.

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Smart and intuitive device for the complete management and and control of 2 pumps/compressors (up o 3 users if used together with C2123).
- Groups rotation function, assistance, STOP extension:
- Aut.Manual selectors: start led
- Alarms and faults indications (oil, compressors/pumps blocked, ecc...)
- Relay with change-over contact to report faults
'Automatic -0 – Manual' control for single consumption
Stand-alone device (230 Vac) for single consumption management or contro or to control three consumptions by using it tigether with C7406l;
Warning lights: network OK – Start – block – Oil fault – connection to C7406.
Device to control 2 to 4  pumps/compressors
Groups rotation, arrest time extesion for vacuum pump, network OK, working, block, help, oil fault and pressure/vacuum low indication.
TWIN PUMPS control
Control of 2 twin pumps with separated start and stop indicators.
Pump service function; possibility of remote enabling; external consumption interdiction due to stop.