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Download TS06U L200

Software for reading and calibrating the TS06U L200 device.

Modulo di richiesta verifica e riparazione

Modulo da allegare ai dispositivi e materiali inviati in SELETEC per riparazioni e/o controlli;
serve per identificare e risolvere celermente la problematica riscontrata.
La Vs collaborazione è per noi un grande aiuto; Grazie.

QGSV Manual

User and installation manual for the control panel for the automatic changeover of vaporizers



C5001 Alarms 1input 24Vac/dc

tutorial ITA

D5033 - 3 high and / or low priority acoustic-luminous alarms

In this section a video course in which the technical, functional and application possibilities of this versatile signaling and alarm device with integrated 24Vdc 650mA power supply are explained.

D8204.Cxx - Specifications and programming

In this section you will find a video tutorial on the D8204.Cxx device which describes the technical characteristics of the product and the programming procedure.
The table of parameters to be set for standard applications can also be downloaded.
If you still have any doubts or need more information, you can contact our technical service.
Good job.

Systems for valve status control - fire brigade

System devices and configuration